Polite violence

It was all such a shame, thought those in charge. It should never have come to this. It’s awful, but of course, it’s for the good of the whole community.

It is better for one person to suffer for the good of the people.

No one likes seeing violence, of course. It’s better to turn our eyes away when it has to happen and hope for it to be over as soon as possible.

Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?

None of us is really to blame. None of us chose this. We’re not responsible, not really, at least not individually. We wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I am innocent of this person’s blood. See to it yourselves.

Anyway, we delegate the nasty parts out to trained professionals. They can handle it.

When the commander saw what had taken place, he said, “Truly this man was innocent!”

The thing is, it’s not any one person’s fault. It’s about economics. You can’t argue with the bottom line. The market wants what it wants, and actually, it always works things out for the best in the end.

They weighed out to him thirty pieces of silver.

Anyway, they probably deserved it. They shouldn’t have talked back; shouldn’t have dressed that way; shouldn’t have made any sudden moves.  They brought it on themselves, really.

Those who see me laugh and mock at me; they shake their heads and hurl insults.

We’re not really sure what happened anyway. We’ll never know. Who can say, really? I have my facts and you have yours.

What is truth?

Anyway, what’s done is done. At this point we need to make the best of it and work on crafting the right media narrative. It’s only fair to make sure it’s our side of the story that gets out there.

What I have written, I have written.


2 thoughts on “Polite violence

  1. Patrick R. Mahoney

    Thank you for sharing this. It brings to my mind “as you have done to the least of these, you have done to me “.
    I was happy to see that you and your family will be coming soon to Santa Rosa.
    We have found the Church of the Incarnation a consistently loving place to celebrate God’s presence and goodness in our lives in the company of neighbors.
    BTW, Joseph and I celebrated 30 years together last month. As he is a cradle Catholic, and I a convert, the church of the Incarnation is really our only real visible and local congregation where we are always fully welcomed and feel safe, supported, and acknowledged. Celebrating diversity and being of service are not just public relations. LOL.
    You and your wife, daughter, and cat are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Christ is risen!
    Patrick Mahoney and Joseph Jennings

    1. Stephen Post author

      Wonderful to hear from you, Patrick and Joseph, and thank you for your prayers. We’re eager to be in Santa Rosa and at Incarnation soon. It’s a wonderful parish and I’m so glad you’ve found it a place of welcome. I hope we’ll have a chance to meet in person soon once I’m there.
      Blessings on you as you celebrate Easter. Christ is risen indeed!


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