Daily Office Books

This is a set of booklets I’ve been working on. It arranges Morning and Evening Prayer, Rite II, from the Prayer Book and Enriching Our Worship, with appropriate seasonal variation throughout the year. While a psalter and Bible are still needed, it eliminates the need for page-flipping back and forth. Antiphons on the gospel canticles are drawn from Howard Galley’s The Prayer Book Office. Certain opening sentences and canticles are slightly adapted for gender-inclusive language. My originals include images from Gertrud Mueller Nelson’s lovely clip art, which I’ve removed; if you’ve already purchased the clip art permissions for yourself or your parish, feel free to email me for the originals. I’ll post more of these as I complete them.

The Daily Office: Advent (docx) (pdf)

The Daily Office: Christmas (docx) (pdf)

The Daily Office: Epiphany (docx) (pdf)

The Daily Office: Lent (docx) (pdf)

The Daily Office: Holy Week (docx) (pdf)

The Daily Office: Easter (docx) (pdf)